AJIPANDA® Shop Opens at Kyushu Plant

An AJIPANDA® character-goods shop opened at Ajinomoto's Kyushu Plant this spring. It has become a very popular place for plant tour participants to get AJIPANDA® goods as souvenirs.
20150831_img_1.jpgPlant tour visitors had long been requesting the Kyushu Plant to produce original souvenirs and also to make their cute AJIPANDA® goods available on-site. 
In response, the head of the Factory Support Group of ACE KOUNAI SERVICE CORPORATION, Mr. Yamamoto and the Group’s members decided to make these requests come true.
They consulted with Ajinomoto Communications, Inc., which operates an AJIPANDA® shop at the Kawasaki Administration & Coordination Office, to provide advisory help in setting up a shop at the plant. The consultants helped them purchase the same lineup of goods as the Kawasaki shop, redesigned the AJIPANDA® shopping bags, which can be used at both the Kawasaki and Kyushu shops, and offered other support for running a successful shop. The members with big smiles are eagerly waiting for customers to visit!

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