I want to eat good Ramen! - Lack of sleep every day due to too much commitment -

Hello! I am Tashiro from Wellness Business Division of Ajinomoto.
My hobby is to cook authentic "handmade Ramen (Chinese noodles).” I make everything from scratch by hand, including soup, noodles, toppings (Char siu (roasted pork), mianma (bamboo shoots), boiled egg, etc.).
Since I had been assigned overseas for a long time, my family members strongly requested for Ramen by saying "We want to eat delicious Ramen at home!" With this as an opportunity, I started devoting myself to Ramen cooking.
I thoroughly get engaged with my work during daytime, reboot my mind after the fixed closing time, and devote myself to a completely different thing. It leads to my source of vitality for tomorrow's/the next day’s work. Cooking of "handmade Ramen,” which requires about 1 week to complete, is perfect for me who easily get committed to things.
After the process of trial and error, I learned how much broader and deeper the world of "handmade Ramen" was than I had expected, and now I have completely got involved with it. After I get home, I make preparation for Ramen until midnight. This is the happiest time for me…
As a Ramen man, I am still under training and have lots to learn. But I promised myself to "continue to make efforts on a daily basis" once again so that I can make as many people as possible to smile.

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