Shoot an arrow in a state of equanimity. Attractive point of the quiet martial art Kyudo

20141121_img_1.jpgHello. I am Yamashita from Research Institute for Bioscience Products & Fine Chemicals of Ajinomoto.
"Place an arrow on a bow, pull, and release."
Kyudo (Japanese art of archery) is a martial art. It is one of the Japanese traditional martial arts as well as one of the cultural accomplishments that samurai should learn. It is literally a path that a samurai should follow.
It looks easy to draw a bow, but it actually requires higher technique and more concentration than expected to release an arrow in a straight line. That is why Kyudo is particularly interesting if you can hit the mark with right movements.
Whether you can properly release an arrow depends on the technique to treat the arrow in a delicate manner and plus in turn depends on the inner strength of the archer to have a control over oneself. Since the mental control occupies large part, Kyudo is also called "Ritsuzen (Zen practice to be conducted in a standing position).” I think that this kind of practice can be also utilized for daily work.
The current Ajinomoto Kyudo Group has a wide age group of 15 members, including right from the 2nd year young employee to a retired employee, from different departments. One of the attractive points of the Kyudo Group is that we can have relationships within the company/group across the border of daily works. We currently use the time available for Kyudo practice in a proactive manner according to individual pace in order to catch up with senior members.

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