A former kickboxing world champion ends his life balance working as both a salaried employee and professional athlete

141021_1.jpgMr. Nishiyama working at Amino Acids Dept., Ajinomoto Co., Inc. made his pro debut as a kickboxer when he was a college student. After joining Ajinomoto, he had been always receiving attention as he became a world champion and also participated in K-1 Tournament, etc. while he was working very hard as a member of the society.
On May 6, his retirement ceremony was held at Korakuen Hall and he put an end to his remarkable 17-year kickboxing career.
141021_2.jpgTo Everyone at Ajinomoto Group
I truly appreciate all of you at Ajinomoto Group who understood my working style which was combined with kickboxing and supported me in terms of my work.
What I have learned during 17-year of my career as an athlete is that "capability of each person is limited but we can have incredibly great capability if we get assistance and support from our peers."
I am currently in charge of medium* business for animal cells at the Amino Acids Dept. New things are always associated with difficulties.
But I would like to take big challenges in terms of work from now.
* Medium: Substance containing nutrition such as amino acid and sugar required for culturing cells
I finished my career as a professional athlete but would like to convey attractive points of combat sports through events such as Ajinomoto Stadium Kansha Day. Thank you for your continued support.
Makoto Nishiyama
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