All year long, swim > pedal a bike > run > work > swim > pedal a bike >....

Hello. I am Okamoto from Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc.
Triathlon is a "lifestyle sport" that everyone with a spirit of challenge can start.

20140808_img_02.jpgI started triathlon 19 years ago (when I was 31 years old).
My friends, who used to belong to the ski club when we were college students, have been doing triathlon, and they forced me to participate in the "Triathlon Marathon" (3 items X 4 people) held in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture. This was the motivator for me.
I was about to drown in the sea at the beginning but managed to complete the full distance by mountain bike. My first impression was "it is interesting".
Since then, I have been exercising with the goals that "I will participate in Triathlon Miyakojima at age 40 and Ironman Triathlon at age 50 if I really start it!"



20140808_img_03.jpgAchieving a good balance of work and triathlon is slightly hard but I have exercised at early mornings and midnights of weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays. As a result, I participated in the All Japan Triathlon Miyakojima, which is one of the major races for triathlon athletes (just like the National High School Championship at Koshien Stadium for baseball players), when I was 40 years old, achieving the goal. After that, I participated in many races, including Triathlon Miyakojima 8 times, Sado International Triathlon twice, etc., and completed the full distance in all races.
Last year, I participated in the long-planned Ironman Japan Hokkaido and completed the full distance, achieving the goals that I had set 18 years ago!

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